Documents Required for Residence

1) Residence permit/application form (with wet signature by the student)


2) Passport or passport substitute document (original seen)


3) Document showing student status (with wet signature)


4) 4 biometric photographs


5) Valid health insurance (GSS or private health insurance covering the residence permit request period)


6) Document showing the address information where he will stay;

If staying in your own home, notarized copy of the rental agreement
Hotel etc. If staying in accommodation places, document proving that you stay in these places
If staying in student dormitories, document proving that you are staying in the dormitory
If the supporter is staying with him, a notary approved commitment of the person he is staying with (If the supporter is married, also a notarized commitment of his/her spouse).

7) Receipt showing that the residence permit document fee has been paid. (It will be paid from Kurtdereli tax office)


8) For foreigners under 18 years of age;

For those who come with a visa exemption or a visa for a different purpose; A document containing parent/guardian information (birth certificate, family certificate, etc.) and a letter of consent given by the parent/guardian/legal representative (for those arriving with a visa suitable for the purpose ((student visa)); a letter of consent and a document containing parent/guardian information will not be attached.)