Documents Required for Registration


1) The original of the High School Diploma and its Turkish translation approved by a notary or Turkish Foreign Representatives,

2) Diploma Equivalency Certificate (obtained from Provincial Directorates of National Education or Turkish Foreign Representatives in their country.)

3) Original transcript and its Turkish translation approved by a notary or Turkish Foreign Representatives, (Document showing secondary school grade point average)

4) Exam Result Document, (exam result used in placement procedures)

5) Turkish Proficiency Certificate, (Candidates who cannot submit this document must take the Turkish Proficiency Exam to be held by our University.)

6) Passport photo (6 pieces)

7) A certified photocopy of the passport and a copy of the passport translated into Turkish, certified by a notary or Turkish Foreign Representatives,

8) Candidates who have the right to register as Dual Nationals have a "Detailed Population Registration Sample" document to be obtained from the civil registry offices, proving that they are foreign nationals by birth and have dual nationality, and that they later became Turkish citizens. (Documentary Population Registration Sample will not be accepted.)

9) For candidates applying with a blue card, a photocopy of the blue card or a document proving that they have renounced citizenship.

10) A certified copy of the residence permit obtained for educational purposes (must be submitted to the student affairs office of the school in which the student is registered within one month from the date of registration.)

11) A document showing that they have the financial ability to cover their expenses during their education in our country,

12) Bank receipt showing that the contribution fee has been paid.

*Additional documents may be requested from units that have been granted the right to register, if deemed necessary. Before coming to registration, it would be beneficial to contact the school to which you have gained the right to enroll.